DΛNGΞRMΛKΞR “Light The Dark” (Breakup)  


r.i.y.l.:  Interpol, White Lies, Phoenix, Black Keys, early Killers
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Hometown: San Francisco, CA

San Francisco's Dangermaker got their start in 2009 singer/songwriter Adam Burnett unveiled a series of unfinished home demos to drummer Carlos Rodrigues. They collaborated to create edgier sounding songs than either had previously and recorded their debut self-titled EP. Owl Mag naming Dangermaker “One of my top 5 favorite Indie bands in the Bay Area”. The duo became a quartet with the addition keyboardist David DeAngelis and bassist Neko Matsuo. While all four members began as complete strangers, they were brought together by a shared passion and need to create music reflective of their diverse backgrounds, tastes, and influences. The foursome recorded their debut LP, Black Dream, at Studio SQ with producers John Flores and Justin Sachs (Two Gallants, A B & The Sea, Foreign Cinema).

Burnett’s father suffered a fatal accident and suddenly passed away during the first week of tracking for Black Dream.  Adam, Carlos, Dave & Neko plunged into their art with urgency and a newfound lust for life, eventually emerging with a euphoric sound that channels a signature brand of dark indie pop ala early Killers, Phoenix, and White Lies.

The band has had an exciting 2015, starting with an appearance at this year’s Live 105 BFD Music Festival – with headliners like Modest Mouse, Cold War Kids and Best Coast – continuing on with a tour of the east coast in June and a headlining Popscene show to release Light The Dark, released on Breakup Records.

Light The Dark is being released as a series of EPs, but for the purposes of radio, the first two EPs have been combined and are going for adds next week!

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE: “With catchy rock hooks and an indie pop vibe, Dangermaker creates a unique sound that infects your soul.”

SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN: “Driving percussion and moody, anxious guitar hooks (Interpol at their most danceable?) lay a bed for singer Adam Burnett’s plaintive wail, which — while Bowie comparisons are hard to live up to (and he gets them often enough) — has a way of sticking around your eardrums… like an adventure dream full of danger you can’t quite put your finger on, something hanging on the precipice of nightmare, but too interesting to make you want to wake up.”

THE BAY BRIDGED: “A sensational ride between dark and light… anthemic and dramatic tracks that find the rock outfit taking on a much more mature sound.” 

VINYL VORTEX: “Dangermaker knows exactly who and what they are and unabashedly portray that for the world to see. They perfect what their influencers created, neatly wrapped in haphazard melodies and experimental instrumentation. I am now addicted to this indie rock band, their guitar riffs are incapsulating and their vocal stylings capture emotion differently then I have ever heard. Any fan of pulsing rhythms, reverie guitar playing, and innovative lyrics should give this band a listen.” 

I HEART SF BANDS: “Dangermaker has a little bit of everything, the sound is familiar but not comparable to anything. They do a great job of balancing on the tightrope between power anthems meant for arenas in the 80’s and pop rock. Dangermaker know what they are doing, who they are, and how to present it to an audience.”