If you would like to submit an album or EP for consideration for non-commercial/college radio and/or commercial specialty promotion, we'd love to hear it.  We accept streaming links or downloads.   You can email jerry@vitriolradio.com and jesse@vitriolradio.com.

Dropbox, Bandcamp and Soundcloud are ideal ways for us to access your music or just a simple direct link to download your MP3s.  We promise they will not be shared by anyone outside the office. Trust us, it's sort of our job not to leak stuff!

You can also do it the old fashioned way, if you so choose, and mail a hard copy to:

VITRIOL Radio Promotion
3421 5th Avenue S. 
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Please include any pertinent information you think we should know as well (previous press/reviews, biography, notable producer/engineer, potential release date, band member history, etc.).

Upon receipt of your album, we will listen and respond to you as soon as we can (usually within a week to 10 days).  Please furnish us with both your email address and phone number.

As you may notice, a majority of our releases fall into the Indie-Pop/Rock/Alternative genres, but we have experience promoting music in a number of different genres. Please do not hesitate to send us an album based on what can sometimes prove to be an overly simple classification:  Indie Hip-hop/Soul, Electronic, Hardcore Punk, Instrumental, Art-rock, and World/Reggae are all genres we have promoted to.

 As a somewhat general rule, country, commercial hip-hop & r&b, jam band, jazz/blues, and metal are genres we tend not to promote due to there either not being a chart or audience at the radio formats we focus on. Or sometimes our personal tastes just don't align with certain genres.  There are promoters out there that focus on some of these sub-genres, sometimes exclusively, that may be a better fit if you would classify your music predominantly with any of the aforementioned descriptors.

That all being said, it never hurts to submit something!  We look forward to hearing from you.