Monica LaPlante's "Always" Video


Fans of the lovely closer to Monica's debut EP now have an equally-if-not-more lovely video to accompany the track, "Always." Minneapolis alt-weekly Citypages recently highlighted the video alongside new clips from Volcano Choir and Mic Mictlan of Doomtree. "Jour," her debut recording, was recorded and released by Hollander Records and also serves as their introduction to the music world. The EP is available digitally to stations everywhere via Vitriol. 

Minneapolis by-way-of Rochester singer/songwriter Monica LaPlante is back with another lovely new video from her recent debut, Jour. This clip, shot at the historic Hollywood Theater in Northeast Minneapolis, is for “Always,” the moving closing track on LaPlante’s new collection. The poignant video elegantly captures the winsome emotions of the song, with LaPlante playing a piano alone on the stage while the raw sentiments of the song begin to swell.
— CityPages