Free Hollow(een) Boys EP

If there were such thing as a perfect band for this time of year, we at Vitriol have been lucky enough to hit on two that are great for the spooky season. One is our newest signing, Graveyard Club. Their slick approach to an otherwise gloomy genre speaks for itself in name alone and adds next week. 

But right now, we're here to talk about Hollow Boys. The guys and girl in the band have a sound that would fit along in any Hallow's Eve party mix, without hitting you over the head with it. And to embrace that fact, they'll celebrate today with a free EP over at their Bandcamp. 

The 4 song collection features all music from Twin Peaks, which couldn't make us any happier than if it came with a Log Lady costume. As the band themselves said, "listen to it loud and slowdance alone." Or with whatever wooden object you hold dear.