Jef Barbara "Song For The Loveshy" [Video]

With the release of his sophomore album, Soft To The Touch, Montreal-based Jef Barbara blends debonair Roxy Music-like textures and Bowie-esque, diva-discerning glam - revealing his soul generously and candidly - a consummate performer and provocateur. Jef's new music is at times urgent and compelling, but also lush and hypnotic.

Jef Barbara reemerges with this new record dedicated "to sound rather than aural features, with more live feel and less sequencing," evolving post-"Contamination", Jef's debut album dedicated to dance darkness released in 2011. Its themes of the artistic ego, love obsession, emotional breakdown, existential loneliness, impaired communication, artistic quackery, good vibes, chronic lateness, physiological phenomena, lack of confidence and erotic fantasy, are openly laid bare.

“Blurring genre and gender lines, Jef skips between minimal electro, shimmering and ethereal guitar pop, skronky new wave with forays into glam and krauty bachelor pad music -- all with élan and wit.” - Brooklyn Vegan

“Montreal’s Jef Barbara launches listeners into a synth-laden celestial reverie that echoes the era of starry-eyed, androgynous glam gods David Bowie and Brian Eno.” - MTV Iggy

Check out the video for “Song For The Loveshy”: