Last Tuesday’s edition of NPR’s All Songs Considered featured Blaudzun’s first US single Elephants. Elephants is taken from the upcoming album Heavy Flowers (Krian Music Group) and is available at radio now. The album is out in the US January 29th


Click here to check out what the hosts called the "Sort of catchiness that NPR stations are going to love. Along with a bit of sadness and an edge of darkness." Heavy Flowers was winner of the NPO's (Netherlands Public Broadcasting) Album of the Year, so you know it's only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on!

Hailing from The Netherlands, Blaudzun (aka Johannes Sigmond) released his first, self-titled album in 2008 in his home country to critical acclaim. In September 2010, Blaudzun recorded his next album, Seadrift Soundmachine with The City of Prague Orchestra, also known from their work with David Lynch (Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive). The widely acclaimed album received even greater praise than his debut and the subsequent live shows caused his definite breakthrough in the Netherlands. 


His third effort, Heavy Flowers was released in The Netherlands earlier this year and reached #4 on the National Album Top 100 (#1 on iTunes) and has remained on the chart for the last 6 months. Again, being met with rave reviews (and winning Album of the Year from Netherlands Public Broadcasting), the album is his most dynamic yet. Blaudzun's warm baritone, haunting melodies, and dramatic string arrangements coincides with a love for folk and art rock. Blaudzun's music caught the attention of Krian Music (The Ettes, VHS of Beta, Capsula) who signed the band and will be releasing Heavy Flowers here in the US in January. In October Blaudzun, along with his full seven piece touring band, made their stateside debut at CMJ.