Stream Eric & Magill's Debut LP on AllMusic

Everyone's favorite comprehensive discography/profile site has stepped up their blog game as of late and we're proud to see that they've featured next week's add Eric and Magill, a longtime Vitriol favorite that are finally hitting the national airwaves. 

Fred Thomas [Allmusic editor] says the duo "hone a palpable intimacy and sense of connection" and "offers a rare example of an emotionally astute pop record sonically detailed enough to get lost in for a while."

Quite simply, Eric & Magill is Ryan Weber and Eric Osterman, two rather accomplished musicians, long time friends, and travelers. Together they create cosmic soundscapes from separate corners of the world, often enlisting a supporting cast of notable contemporaries and friends. With little more than Wi-Fi and laptops, they've developed a collaborative relationship across time zones and continents. 

The two originally collaborated in Milwaukee-based indie fave Camden and Weber is best known for his time in Decibully and The Promise Ring.